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confidentiality agreement

This notification is made in accordance with Article 10 of the "Personal Data Protection Law" numbered 6698 and within the framework of legal obligation.

 Our site is password protected by SSL, 3D.

 Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“Law”), which was published in the Official Gazette on 07.04.2016, our Company has the title of Data Controller and carries out the necessary compliance studies to fulfill the obligations required by this title.

 Your personal data, which is notified to our company or obtained by our company through various channels in order to receive services / products through BTHVIPTRANSFER, is processed as a "Data Controller" within the scope of the "Personal Data Protection Law".

 Your personal data will be kept by our Company within the framework of this Law and processed within the framework of your consent.  We would like to mention that;  Your Personal Data may be used by us to provide you with a better service experience, to carry out marketing, promotional and informative communications regarding our products and services, to collect and compile statistical information and to develop commercial activities.

 BTHVIPTRANSFER attaches great importance to keeping customer information confidential and not sharing this information with third parties.  All employees undertake to protect the confidentiality of the information they obtain while performing their duties and to use such information only within the scope of the legislation and in the fulfillment of their professional duties.

 Personal information belonging to you, such as name, surname, identity number, family status information, account information, IP, phone and address information, voice, etc.  means any information that will enable you to be identifiable.

 Your personal data may be transferred to national and international authorities/authorities, administrative and official authorities, to all domestic and international real and legal persons stipulated by national and international legislation and contracts, to independent audit companies and third parties due to legal obligations and within the framework of legal restrictions.